Pioneer Theatre Company

I am thrilled to announce that I am working with Pioneer Theatre Company on a new play by Ted Malawer called The Anatomy of Love as part of their Play-by-Play Reading series. Artistic director Karen Azenberg directs.

About the Play:

Danny and Laura are a typical modern couple. She is a dedicated, hard-working lawyer while he, an underemployed actor, is a stay at home dad. Their marriage has been shifted to auto pilot as both of them strive for the American dream. But all is brought to a dead, frightening stop when their seven-year old daughter’s teacher suggests that the child is most likely transgender. What follows is a fierce and sometimes hostile battle with Danny and Ms. Spencer advocating acceptance and pre-emptive reassignment and Laura adamantly refusing either action. This highly relevant issue is the battleground for this emotional and heartbreaking story of fierce love and dreaded loss.

I am so excited to be working on such a timely piece of theatre that will, undoubtedly, start many conversations.

For more information please visit the Pioneer Theatre Company website.


Karen Azenberg, Jason Spelbring, Ted Malawer, Cassie Stokes-Wylie and myself